Vision of the Church

  1. To establish a church that will give itself continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word and that shall have its origins, continued existence and destiny in God.
  2. To nature raise men in the church of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom whom the church can appoint to business of servicing tables and such related businesses.
  3. To establish a church that proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord
  4. To expand the Kingdom of God through teaching and preaching the word of God and demonstration of power of the Holy Spirit, including establishment of schools of ministries and bible schools.
  5. To train and to ordain pastors
  6. To establish assemblies country wide and world over to cater for the spiritual nourishment of all members/worshippers.
  7. To bring together members who believe and proclaim that
  8. The church has its origin, continued existence and destiny from God.
  9. It is a revelation of the church of Christ governed by him as head according to the Holy Scriptures, the working of the Holy Spirit, and the ministrations instituted by him.
  10. It prays that its church laws will always be an interpretation of the will of Christ so that the good order in the church may be maintained and extended.
  11. To have members who confess that :
  • There is one true God head father, son and Holy Spirit; three persons each with particular attributes, yet in absolute and perfect unity.
  • The divinely inspired and written word of God, given to us as the complete rule for faith and practice.
  • The fallen nature and depravity of man by reason of which he is unable of himself to please God.
  • To elect purpose and grace of God, whereby he through the sacrificial death, resurrection and ascension of his son Jesus Christ provided for man a means of Justification. Regeneration and sanctification which blessings are granted upon a person’s repentance and faith.
  • The church, the body of Christ, the fellowship of saints, governed by Christ, the head of his church through his word and spiritual ministries.
  • The Christian sacraments (ordinances) of water baptism and the Lords Supper.
  • The baptism in the Holy Spirit and the manifestations of his fruit, gift and graces.
  • The pre-millennial second advent of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The bodily resurrection of mankind, the eternal judgments of God the final doom of Satan, a new heaven and new earth.
  1. To receive contributions from members of Goodness and mercy ministries
  2. To assist orphans, disabled and any disadvantaged members attain educational, vocational and any other qualifications that their abilities or alternatively that their full potential hindrance from monetary or otherwise.
  3. To assist widows or widows, orphans, disabled and any other disadvantaged members to attain any medical facilities without hindrance from anything monetary.
  4. To establish and mange a revolving fund for the purposes of the aforesaid hereof and to further establish and manage a scholarship programme to financially support disadvantaged member’s children as deemed necessary by leaders and its board.
  5. To encourage, promote and enable the dissemination of information on basic health matters more specific law towards HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer malaria etc
  6. To assist beneficiaries affected with the above and any other diseases with certain minimum dietary requirements and access to medication.
  7. To educate members to provide them with information on the laws governing wills and hindrances as to avoid estate problems in the event of the death of members.
  8. To assist members to regain any lost right to an inheritance.
  9. To educate members on issues of child abuse and to assist the abused to be integrated into society.
  10. To provide all such services and to do all such acts in the opinion of the trust can be advantageously provided or undertaken by the ministry by way of expansion or in connection with the purpose and objects of the church or are calculated directly or indirectly to future any such purposes and objects or to increase the value of any of the trust property , assets or such rights.
  11. To charge and receive fees for any workshops, seminar, training and any other relevant programme provided that any of the surplus of revenue over expenditure shall be devoted to the purposes of the church .
  12. To have a drop in center for less privileged people affected or infected by HIV and AIDS.
  13. To have viable empowerment projects for members of the trust that focuses on uplifting their livelihoods by engaging them in self-help projects
  14. To boost employment opportunities for all sectors by building training centers for the dissemination of various skills to all disadvantaged members and to find any other institution deemed spiritually important for the rehabilitation of the infirm, care of the orphaned, the destitute and the physically and mentally handicapped.
  15. To establish, organize and promote trust center, schools, medical, education and health institutions and organizations provided that such institutions shall be created for furtherance of the aims, purposes and objectives of the church.
  16. To print, publish and distribute publications, pamphlets and other literature either gratuitously or otherwise, like to promote the objectives of the church.
  17. To co-operate with local authorities and any other bodies for the advancement of deduction, secular or religious in any area deemed suitable for the church.
  18. To safeguard the financial material and other interests of the beneficiaries of the church.
  • To manage the property of the church prudently and do all such other facts as in the opinion of the church can be advantageously provided or done by the church or indirectly to further any such purposes and objects or to increase the value of any of the church property, assets or right.
  • To invest the property or funds of the church in such a prudent manner as shall safeguard the financial interest of the beneficiaries.
  • To purchase, develop and improve property on behalf of the church.
  • To cater for orphans, widows, disabled and less privileged.
  • Promote growth and prosperity among Christians community across the divide regardless of denomination.
  • Cultivate and instill true Christian values amongst members from infants up to elderly.
  • To build and establish educational, vocational, health, agricultural and industrial institutions that are bound, motivated and inspired by Christian Values.