Through the Prophetic anointing and Spiritual spectacles anointing, Prophet Tapiwa Freddy has touched lives of many of his followers who refer calling him as the Doctor of Prophecy because of the accuracy of his prophetic utterances.
Born In 1983, Prophet Tapiwa Freddy is the founder of Goodness and Mercy Ministries that he established in 2005.

The church has its roots in the high density suburb of Glen-View where its headquarters are still located to date.

He is best known for his ‘spiritual spectacles’ miracle that has baffled many minds. Under this concept he prays for an individual and immediately his/her eyes are “anointed’ with a spiritual eye where they can prophesy on their own.
Prophet Freddy is of the firm belief that salvation comes through Jesus Christ hence he was endowed with a rare gift of spiritual spectacles and its biblical.
He also believes that the concept increases one’s faith. This can be substantiated as recorded in the book of Second Kings Chapter 6 vs 17 where Prophet Elisha prayed for his servant to have spiritual spectacles.

He started prophesying at the age of 10. After high school at Glen View High 2 and Royal college, Prophet Freddy enrolled for bible school at Soul Travailing Bible Institute from 2010-2012 and proceeded to His Presence Ministries.
He juggled between pastoring through the pulpit and through music. He also uses music to disseminate the word of God and he has had a successful music career which saw him release two albums namely Mesiya in 2002 and Serevende in 2006.

His hit titled Mesiya komborera taken off his first album Mesiya made it to the charts and received generous airplay on local radio stations. Prophet Freddy is a philanthropist of note. He jointly runs a charity organization with his wife under the banner Goodness and Mercy Hand Of Care. To date the organization has been on several philanthropic missions across the country. Their main target is underprivileged children and among their beneficiaries are orphanages in Epworth where more than 500 children benefited. He is happily married and also offers marriage counselling to congregants as he respects the sanctity of marriage.