“They are jealousy of spiritual spectacles “says Prophet freddy


Goodness and Mercy Ministries leader Prophet Tapiwa Freddy is accusing other church leaders in Glen View and former members of hiring thugs who smeared his church with faeces. The man of cloth, who has since lodged a complaint with the police at Glen View 8 police post, said there is a faction of church leaders in Glen View who are responsible for the harassment.

“We have alerted the police about this and these are gimmicks of the devil but I am not moved, it is unfortunate that people who are doing this are our former members. They left our ministry due to various reasons so they now trying to frustrate and intimidate us by doing this,” he said.

He added, “We are also aware that there are other church leaders who are fighting our church because of the spiritual spectacles anointing that we have. These church leaders are sponsoring these attacks by giving the perpetrators some money to do so. Our Ministry is also facing a lot of hatred from other ministries because of how we have been increasing in number”.

He said the attack was meant to disturb the preparations of the Spiritual Spectacles night that the church is set to host on December 31.

“We have started preparing for the spiritual spectacles night on December 31 and usually when we have spiritual spectacles gatherings, a lot of people even from other churches come to witness the power of God. Other church leaders are not happy and others are jealous because of the grace of God-given to our Ministry so they try to frustrate us through different ways,” he said.

Prophet Freddy went on to threaten to expose the church leaders attacking him if they continue harassing his church.

“We have been experiencing a lot of persecution as a church and a lot is happening lately and we have been maintaining our silence but now enough is enough. So I want to take the time to warn these church leaders to stop what they are doing. If they continue doing what they are doing, we will expose them through the spiritual spectacles,” he said. The human waste was seen by a church cleaner Sarah Marape smeared on the altar, carpet as well as on the chairs.

Sarah said she suspects the human waste was so much that it could have been taken from a septic tank since it was all over the place.

“When I entered the church, what caught my attention was the horrible smell that was in the tent. I then discovered that faeces were all over, some smeared on the altar, carpet as well as the chairs,” she said.

Source-H metro

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