Why the wicked prosper?


So many at times we wonder why those who do not fear GOD prosper? ummmmmh you hear he now has a brand new car…….now he bought a house and you wonder why is he prospering yet you go to church every now and again . Infact you observe all the ordinances …..yet those wicked seem to prosper more than yourself…….munhu asitomborina nguva naMWARI ndiye onzi abudirira……

WHY THE WICKED PROSPER????? THEY PROSPER BECAUSE THEY APPLY THEMSELVES AT ALL COSTS.you cannot compare yourself with someone who can kill just to get rich. Many at times they end up dealing in drugs just to prosper. WHY THE WICKED PROSPER?—-THEYPROSPER BECAUSE THEY APPLY THEMSELVES AT ALL COSTS.Good day and remember GODS’ TIME IS THE BEST!!


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