Prophetic Moments – Part 1


In 2005 the numbers of people who wanted Spiritual assistance were growing. Prophet T Freddy and his family were renting 2 rooms in Glen View. People would come from different parts of the country for spiritual assistance. The numbers were growing each day until neighbor’s complained to the landlord since the house was turning into a church gradually.

The situation became worse when the prophets father could not afford to rent 2 rooms, as a result he opted for one room the same house. This now forced the prophet to look for a bigger convenient place to minister and pray for the sick. On the 15th of May 2005 Prophet T Freddy preached and prayed to about 60 people and from that number 40 gave their lives to Christ and consequently the church was established.

People would meet at an open space conducting services for the next 15 months. During that time the church was known as Apostolic Holy Church because it was a white garment church. (“Read from the law to grace in this book Prophet T Freddy explains how the church was transformed from white garments to a Pentecostal church.

2006 –A very big shade was erected and benches were introduced for people to sit during services.

Resistance –Others who believed in the laws of the white garment churches questioned the introduction of shelter but the prophet taught them until they understood and able to interpret scriptures correctly.

2010- The membership of the church grew to 400 members as a result the prophet opened another branch in Mufakose at Mhuriimwe Primary School. In that same year the prophet enrolled to a local to a bible school because he wanted knowledge for the bible says, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. In 2010 the name Apostolic Holy Church was changed to Goodness & Mercy ministries just as Jacob name was changed to Israel.

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